The PySD Cookbook

Simple recipes for powerful analysis of system dynamics models


  1. Download and install Anaconda Python 3.6+
  2. Install PySD with pip using the command pip install pysd at your command prompt
  3. Download this cookbook and unzip it to a working directory
  4. Navigate your command prompt to the working directory just created
  5. Launch ipython notebook with the command ipython notebook at your command prompt
  6. In the ipython browser, open source\analyses\getting_started\Hello_World_Teacup.ipynb

How to use this cookbook

Every recipe in this cookbook is an executable ipython notebook. Because of this, I recommend that you download a copy of the cookbook, and follow along by executing the steps in each notebook as you read, playing with the parameters, etc.

If you want to implement a recipe, you can then make a copy of the notebook you are interested in, and modify it to analyze your own problem with your own data.

To download the cookbook in its entirity, use this link or visit the cookbook’s Github Page and select one of the options in the righthand panel.


Extra Resources

The PySD Documentation can answer most questions about how PySD itself should be used, with basic examples and function reference.

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