Other Visualization Packages in Python

There are a number of packages which interact with matplotlib, or work on their own, to extend python’s plotting abilities.

We’ll use the Roessler chaos model to generate data for plotting in this notebook:

%pylab inline
import pysd
model = pysd.read_vensim('../../models/Roessler_Chaos/roessler_chaos.mdl')
res = model.run()


Seaborn is a package which aims to make plots more stylish. To use it, we simply have to import it into the python environment and continue plotting as with matplotlib. Seaborn provides a host of new functions and customizations that are illustrated here.

import seaborn
plt.plot(res['x'], res['y']);


MPLD3 translates matplotlib plotting syntax into a d3-rendered interactive javascript object.

Note that in the figure below, zoom and pan tools allow you to interact with the image.

Syntax here is very similar to before, with the addition of a call to the display function. For further examples see the mpld3 gallery.

import mpld3
plt.plot(res['x'], res['y']);